DOT Welcomes Philippine Halal Standards

The Department of Tourism (DOT) has expressed optimism over the finalization of the Philippine National Halal Standards on Halal Food, adding that this will help encourage more tourists of Muslim background to visit the country.

According to Tourism Secretary Ace Durano, “The Department is enthusiastic about this landmark development. With halal food more accessible, it will be easier for us to break into the Muslim tourist population and present the Philippines as a destination that not only offers unique holiday experiences, but also one that respects their religious practices.”

The Philippine National Halal Standards lays out the guidelines in processing, preparing and handling the ingredients used in meals and food items in accordance to Islamic laws and teaching. The standards were crafted by the Philippine Halal Accreditation Board.

The DOT will be aligning with its regional offices in initiating an information campaign on the National Halal Standards among restaurants, hotels, resorts, airlines, food and beverage companies, and other tourism stakeholders across the Philippines.

“We will be assisting our establishments on how to better accommodate our Muslim travelers, such as developing menus with halal meals. It is our vision is to have halal food readily available wherever in the country they may be,” explained DOT Director Special Concerns Shalimar Tamano.

The DOT will be part of the formal launching of the Philippine National Halal Standards on Halal Food in March, together with the Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Agriculture, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Health, the Office on Muslim Affairs, the ARMM Governor and the Chair of Philippine Halal Accreditation Board.

The DOT aims to tap the global population of 1.9 billion Muslims for potential tourists with the implementation of the Philippine National Halal Standards.